Mobile application development

We are specialized on mobile product development and deployment for customers to implement their ideas in the real world. We can support any platform application development such as Android, iOS, Unity 3D VR..


Web application development

Besides mobile applications development, we can also provide solutions on web system to make sure information are exchanged seamlessly from all parts of computer devices. We have deep experiences on web technologies such as HTML5, PHP /Python, LAMP and Portal frameworks: Wordpress, Joomla, .NET, mobile responsive design

Our team skills:

-Location based

-Video live stream




-Python /Django



-Yii/Zend/Symphony framework



Blockchain programming

-Ethereum: dApp

-NEM: Partnered with NEM ANZ and ProximaX


Smart home solution/IO network programming

-network security

-chipset (ARM..) programming


-network protocol: VLAN, NIS, DHCP, TCP/IP, iSCSI, network benchmark ,network performance/performance monitoring -

-Java web framework (struts)/



Business supports using professional IT services

On the way of our customers growth, they usually needs the external supports, training from our staff. We can go together with them to provide the best integrated solutions coming from different sources, IT professional services. We are bringing the customer IT applications to the next levels using  solutions from US, EU..  We focused on CRM web application that can handle all customer sales/marketing/purchase/inventory/warehouses.. activities of a trading company.


Games development

-Unity 3D





Working with the customers on mobile and web apps is our passion and happiness. Below is not everything we have done.

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